Kitchen Food Waste Disposer

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  • As the current important green environmental protection products, Kitchen Food Waste Disposer has been widely used in developed countries such as Europe, America, Japan, and Korea, and has gradually become a necessity for modern families and modern life.

  • Stainless Steel Food Waste Disposer is a new way to handle food waste in modern homes: leftovers, meat spurs, vegetables, melon husks, eggshells, tea leaves, coffee grounds, small corn cobs, poultry Small bones, etc., to prevent food waste from breeding germs, mosquitoes, cockroaches, reduce kitchen odor, thereby effectively promoting family health, optimizing the home environment, and solving the problem of sewers easily blocked.

  • The kitchen waste crushing garbage processor grinds the food residue into powder or fine particles and discharges it along the water through the sewer. It can handle egg shells, poultry bones, paper towels, fish bones, melon chips, vegetable stems, tea leaves. Dozens of leftovers left in the food, from the source to eliminate and control the production of bacteria and ensure the cleanliness of the living environment, such as eliminating the garbage dripping phenomenon in the kitchen hallway floor, reducing the daily consumption of repeated garbage disposal, ants, mosquitoes, flies and other pests living environment.

  • Sink Food Waste Disposer is a modern, new environmentally friendly kitchen appliance that uses a new approach to the treatment of food waste in modern homes: leftovers, meat spurs, vegetable stalks, melon husks, eggshells, tea leaves, small pieces of corn Rod core, poultry and small bones, etc., by changing the shape of food waste to timely and innocent treatment of food waste, to achieve instant, convenient and fast kitchen cleaning.

  • The waste processor processor is a modern kitchen appliance that is installed under the kitchen sink and connected to the drain. The cutter head is driven by an AC or DC motor, and the food waste in the crushing chamber is crushed by centrifugal force and discharged into the sewer.

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