Industry knowledge

What kind of garbage can the kitchen waste disposer handle?

Leftovers, meat and fish bones, vegetables and fruits, eggshells, tea leaves, corn cobs, livestock bones, foods containing fibrous substances, etc.

Unprocessable garbage from kitchen waste disposers: glass ceramics, metal objects, plastic foam, leather rubber, hard shells, etc.

First, the product features:

   1, large processing capacity, can handle food waste below 100 liters at a time.

   2, easy to operate, easy to use.

   3, with automatic cleaning system.

   4, large funnel, reducing the number of reversals.

   5, low noise, low vibration.

   6, ultra-fine powder treatment technology, running away.

   7, four knife heads are ground together, crushing big bones.

   8, the power consumption is small, taking the ordinary canteen as an example, such as the average daily production of solid kitchen waste 50KG, processing 100KG kitchen waste for about 10 minutes, power consumption of about 0.25 degrees, 30 days a month, the amount of about It is 0.25X30 = 7.5 degrees.

   9, the ground garbage can be selected for drying in the oven, or you can choose to drain directly, more practical.

   10, comes with overload protection system to protect the motor and extend the life of the equipment.

   11, stainless steel overall sanding panel, high-grade and generous.