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Features Of Kitchen Food Waste Disposer


Features Of Kitchen Food Waste Disposer:

1, the general garbage can be played! Because the food waste disposer does not use the blade of the common machine to smash, there is no damage to the blade, and the general garbage can be disposed of except for superhard objects such as metal, stone, ceramic, glass, and bobbin bone.


2, anti-card death function! Ordinary food waste disposer In case the garbage is put too much or too hard, it is easy to get stuck. Press the reset switch and then press the reset switch to re-use it. After the food waste disposer is improved, there is almost no jam, even in case If you get stuck, you don't need to throw out the garbage. Just use the spare hex wrench to insert it into the middle hole at the bottom of the machine and rotate it a few times, then press the reset switch again.


3, carbon brush external function! The ordinary machine is built in carbon brush. Once the carbon brush is finished, the machine will be scrapped, and the Lemai product can be used to extend the service life by three times.


4, super smash fineness, never block the pipeline. The product is equipped with multiple comminution functions, which can make all the garbage achieve special crushing fineness, so that users never have to worry about pipe blockage. This item is globally unique and is equipped with multiple patent protections.


5, high anti-vibration performance: the product is a garbage processor that does not produce vibration, with patent protection.


6, ultra low noise. Product motor noise is the lowest in the industry.


7, original design, exquisite shell without the combination of production process performance to the fullest, more distinguished and taste;