Industry knowledge

Maintain Waste Food Processor


1. The waste food processor itself has a lifetime lubricant. Do not add lubricant separately. The machine itself can also clean itself.


2. The waste food processor is equipped with a detachable splash guard. When the waste food processor is clogged, the waste food processor can be removed in the opposite direction of the installation method to clean the inside of the waste food processor.


3. It is strictly forbidden to pour lye, acid, gasoline and chemical reagents into the waste food processor to avoid damage to the waste food processor and its components. If the use of the appeal item will result in the failure of the waste food processor, the consequences will be at your own risk.


4. Long-term use of water may cause mineral deposits or scale on the internal surface of the waste food processor. However, this does not affect the normal use of the waste food processor (lifetime) due to the anti-corrosion material inside the crushing chamber of the waste food processor.


5. Seals and carbon brushes on the waste food processor are consumables, please replace them regularly.