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Advantages Of Kitchen Waste


As one of the contents of urban waste management, kitchen waste has an increasing impact on the city's economy, society, ecological environment and the normal life of residents. After years of hard work, people have gradually realized that these organic wastes should be collected and disposed of on the spot to realize the reuse of waste and a large amount of recycling, that is, the recycling of organic waste.


Kitchen waste

1. Super smashing fineness, never clogging the pipeline: The product is equipped with a unique function of triple smashing, so that all the garbage reaches a special crushing fineness, the user never has to worry about the pipeline blockage - this is a global original, there are multiple patent! After pulverization, the coarse and fine two kinds of garbage can be automatically separated through the filter hole, and the fine waste of the slurry becomes liquid into the pipeline with the water flow; the coarse garbage will stay on the cutter head and continue to be pulverized to form a powder, followed by the water flow. Flow into the pipeline. It usually works for ten seconds.


2. High anti-vibration performance, ultra-low noise: The crushing disc adopts the broken alloy tamper with equilateral triangle points, which has good stable balance performance, the motor noise is the lowest in the same industry, strong anti-vibration ability, and patent protection. Three alloy tamping hammers automatically adjust position, greatly reducing operating noise.


3. Anti-lock function: If the food waste disposer is too much or too hard, it is easy to get stuck. It is necessary to dump the garbage and press the reset switch to re-use it. The alloy hammer of Lemai's food waste disposer can automatically adjust the position, and there is almost no jam.


4. Carbon brush external function: The common machine garbage disposal machine is built in carbon brush. Once the carbon brush is finished, the machine will be scrapped, and the Lemai product will be used for external use, which will extend the service life by more than three times. .


5. Original design, no combination of shells: exquisite shell production process, so that the product performance is vivid, more distinguished and tasteful.


6. Reducing the size: The diameter of the general sink is >12cm, but some non-national water outlets are 14cm and 16cm. For this reason, it can be processed under any size kitchen basin after simple reaming treatment. Installed on the nozzle.