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Introduction to Kitchen Waste Food Disposal Machine


Kitchen Waste Food Disposal Machine is a modern environmental protection household appliance. It is installed in the lower part of the kitchen sink and connected to the drain pipe. It can process all food wastes instantly, conveniently and quickly, effectively preventing the blockage of the water tank and preventing the growth and reproduction of bacteria. Makes you have a clean and welcoming kitchen.


Kitchen Waste Food Disposal Machine is a cleaning device that grinds and pulverizes food residues to powder or small granules by high-speed motor-driven grinding parts and is naturally discharged with water and sewer. It can effectively dispose of various food wastes in the kitchen, such as : small pieces of pork bones, chicken bones, fish bones, egg shells, melon skin, fruit kernels, tea leaves, vegetable root leaves, coffee grounds, leftovers, residues, bread crumbs, etc., crushed and ground into a paste-like liquid, It is naturally discharged through the pipeline with water to achieve a clean environment and eliminate odors. It can reduce kitchen odor, reduce pest harassment and promote family health.