Industry knowledge

What is a food waste disposer?


When it was first born, the product name was electric pigs, which means that the kitchen waste was eaten by pigs. It is a modern kitchen appliance that fits under the kitchen sink and is connected to the drain. The cutter head is driven by an AC or DC motor, and the food waste in the crushing chamber is crushed by centrifugal force and discharged into the sewer.


Can handle most food waste, such as: small bones, fish heads, corn, eggshells, nut shells, leftovers, etc.


Pour these food waste directly into the garbage disposer, and the food residue will be ground and crushed in an instant. After crushing, the particle diameter is less than 4 mm. Don't worry that it will block the drain pipe and the sewer, and then the water will flow into the drain pipe.


This stuff is very economical and energy-saving. The average household consumption per month is about one or two degrees. Under normal circumstances, the service life is 8~15 years. It can be said that it is super easy to use!