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How to daily maintenance of food waste disposer

First, reasonable control time. After the food residue is removed, let the food waste disposer continue to rotate for about 10 seconds. The continuous flow of water will flush the food waste disposer and drain to avoid residue.

Second, the step of cleaning the grinding chamber. First cover the water blocking plug, inject about a quarter of the water in the basin, pour the appropriate amount of detergent, add water and mix evenly, then start the processor, slowly open the water blocking plug, let the water flow slowly into the processor In, turn the tap on again.

Third, clean the grinding chamber regularly. The grinding chamber of the food waste disposer should be cleaned approximately every 10 days, using an alkaline detergent to remove internal oil.

Fourth, it is forbidden to dump high temperature water to the processor. Do not pour water above 30 °C directly into the food waste disposer, as long periods of overheated water can damage the rubber and plastic parts inside the processor. Do not need to power off for a long time. Long-term use of food waste

When cleaning the device, you can clean it and unplug the power.