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How to deal with the garbage problem in daily?

Our common method is to incinerate and landfill. Now we must change this traditional way, solve the problems in our life scientifically, and deal with the problems of living and living garbage. We must make good use of the new food waste disposer. product. Traditional things are good and backward. We must learn from each other's strengths and take the best of them. On the issue of garbage disposal, we must apply new and scientific methods to deal with them, with effective, convenient and safest.

Different from the large equipment we often see, the food waste disposer is like the ordinary electric appliance used in our home. It is similar in shape to the domestic soya-bean milk machine. It is slightly larger than the kitchen. It is installed under the kitchen sink and connected with the sewer. After the garbage is disposed, it can be directly discharged, not staying at home, in the garbage disposer, or in the sewer, so that there will be no insects and odors in the house, and there is no need to worry about sewer blockage caused by unclean cleaning. In our lives, we rarely come into contact with some rare germs. It is common to get sick, but it is not inevitable and reduced. Bugs are direct spreaders of various germs, they are from various animals, plants, or The spread of germs carried on other things to our bodies and foods can cause harm to us, reduce the amount of rubbish in our homes, and help reduce the number of insects in our homes. This can reduce the infection of germs from the intermedias.