Industry knowledge

Product maintenance of kitchen waste disposer


Users are advised to pay attention to the following points:

1. The motor of the household kitchen waste disposer has been permanently lubricated, so no additional lubricant is required. 

2. To extend the life of your kitchen waste disposer, you can clean the waste disposer with a neutral detergent every three months. (The cleaning cycle can be shortened appropriately in summer). 

3. Do not put alkaline or other chemicals into the kitchen food waste disposer when using it, as this will cause corrosion and damage to machine parts. If you do this, the damage caused can be easily detected. 

4. Minerals in the water will form a rust-like mixture on the stainless steel grinding disc. This is normal. Do not panic. The stainless steel disc will not be corroded and affect the normal operation of the machine. 

The family kitchen waste disposer can only smash organic waste such as leftovers, meat spurs, vegetable stalks, melon husks, eggshells, tea slag, small corncob cores, poultry and small bones; instead of glass ceramics, Metal caps, plastic foam, leather rubber, stones, and other items are placed in the treatment.