Industry knowledge

What are the precautions for using the garbage processor?


1. Do not put your hands or fingers into the processor while the kitchen waste processor is working.

2. In order to avoid unnecessary damage to the kitchen waste disposer, the whole corn cob, big bones, metal, plastic, glass, etc. cannot be poured.

3. If you remove the object from the kitchen waste disposer or clean it, be sure to turn off the power of the kitchen waste disposer. You can use a long handle wooden spoon or pliers to remove foreign matter and dredge the pipe.

4, cold water can make the kitchen garbage grease in the solid state, easy to be cleaned. Therefore, the kitchen waste disposer should not use hot water instead of tap water.

Do you feel embarrassed by the garbage generated by the kitchen every day? Are you polluted by more garbage, affecting the pursuit of your ideal life? In fact, you must investigate the problem. It is not difficult to solve it. It is good to install a garbage disposer for the kitchen.

For individual users, it is as simple as this, but solving the problem of personal kitchen garbage can not solve the problem fundamentally. It is also necessary to advocate the use of food waste disposers together to keep kitchen garbage away, in order to reach our ideals in the end. Kitchen garbage polluted living environment. Kitchen waste is far from every city in every household.