Industry knowledge

How to choose the kitchen waste processor?


1. Convenient operation: A good garbage disposer should be extremely convenient and simple to operate. It is not necessary to clean the greasy water filter, because the kitchen garbage is treated at any time, and the garbage is prevented from breeding germs and attracting mosquitoes and flies.

2, the size of the capacity: to choose a suitable food waste disposer, it is necessary to determine the amount of garbage disposal according to their own, that is to say the size of your home and the frequency of cooking to determine the size of the capacity. Don't be greedy and don't want to be small, so-called use is best.

3, their own situation considerations: food waste disposer, belonging to daily essential daily necessities, product design, material selection, quality is the key factor to determine its professional or not. The metal enclosure cuts off the noise effect is better, but the power product has to consider safety issues.