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Why it's necessary to install a food waste disposer

Everyone has a big headache with regarding to waste food. Finding a suitable solution to deal with food waste is imminent. What are the problems with home food waste disposal? Why do you have to install a food waste disposer?

First, the garbage placed in the home affects the overall beauty of the family. Every meal of leftovers, peel cores, chicken bones and bones must be treated, usually put a trash can in the kitchen, which affects the overall image of the kitchen.

Second, food waste is easy to emit odor. Putting a trash can in the kitchen will inevitably smell the smell of the decay of the garbage, which is even more serious in the hot summer.

Third, the garbage accidentally fell into the pool, it is easy to block the sewer. After washing vegetables and washing dishes, remove the leftovers and leftovers from the pool and put them into the garbage bag. In this case, some of them leak into the sewer and cause blockages. Cleaning is also quite troublesome.

Fourth, handling food waste is more troublesome than ordinary garbage. Usually, there will always be a lot of hard garbage such as chicken bones and bones in the food waste. It is easy to puncture the garbage bags, causing the oil and water in the garbage bags to drip, and once again, the floor will be cleaned once.

5. Garbage is easy to breed bacteria at home and attracts mosquitoes. Usually, small flying insects can be seen around the garbage bins at home, and sometimes there are haunts, which makes many housewives have headaches and seriously affects the cleanliness of the kitchen.