Food Waste Recycling Kitchen Rubbish Disposer
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Food Waste Recycling Kitchen Rubbish Disposer

Ningbo Suoken Electric Technoloty Co.,Ltd is committed to design, develop, produce and sell food waste disposers. The quality of Food Waste Recycling Kitchen Rubbish Disposer is good that pass ISO9001:2008 international quality system certification and acquired CE, CB certificates.We have high-quality product development capability and technical reserve, sophisticated testing equipment, complete quality control system, advanced production line. The following is about Food Waste Recycling Kitchen Rubbish Disposer related, I hope to help you better understand Food Waste Recycling Kitchen Rubbish Disposer.


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Product Description

Food Waste Recycling Kitchen Rubbish Disposer:

Whenever you dump leftovers into the trash, have you ever thought about having something to help you deal with these headaches and leftovers, yes, there is such a thing. The name is also very straightforward, called the kitchen garbage processor. The garbage disposer is installed under the sink to grind food waste (such as leftovers, leftovers, leaves, peels, bones, eggshells, etc.) into fine particles, which are drained into the sewage treatment system through the kitchen.





Home Use

Input Power



1 HP







Rated Rotary Speed



Permanent Magnetic DC motor

Grinding Capacity


Grinding System material

Stainless steel

Safety protection

Overcurrent & overload protection

optional sink connector


Sound-proof system

Double hollow structure


Air Swith

Number of users

7-11 People


2 years

standard life

8-10 years




410mm(H) x 205mm(W)


The biggest advantage of the garbage processor is definitely convenient and fast.

You don’t have to worry about throwing garbage on the day, but it’s too lazy to throw it the next day. You don’t have to manually clean the residue in the sink filter. It’s a wonderful experience to open the tap and rush it straight down; you don’t have to cut the apple next to the trash can, and The process is simple and fast;

Garbage disposer with dishwasher, can be said to be the golden partner of lazy home, dump the leftovers into the processor to crush, and then put the bowl into the dishwasher, perfect!

Secondly, from the perspective of environmental protection, it can reduce the workload of sanitation and reduce the cost of garbage disposal.

Does the use of kitchen waste disposal opportunities not block the sewer?

There is no sewerage blockage when using a household food waste disposer. Because the food waste is ground into a slurry liquid and under the action of the randomly accelerated water flow, it can effectively remove the greasy sticking to the wall of the lower pipe and play the role of grinding, flushing and cleaning the sewage pipe.

Is it possible to install a kitchen waste disposer?

The kitchen waste disposer is small in size and only occupies very little storage space under the sink. In addition, kitchen waste processors are available in different models.

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