Food Waste Garbage Processor Disposal Crusher
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Food Waste Garbage Processor Disposal Crusher

Ningbo Suoken Electric Technoloty Co.,Ltd is committed to design, develop, produce and sell food waste disposers. The quality of Food Waste Garbage Processor Disposal Crusher is good that pass ISO9001:2008 international quality system certification and acquired CE, CB certificates.We have high-quality product development capability and technical reserve, sophisticated testing equipment, complete quality control system, advanced production line. The following is about Food Waste Garbage Processor Disposal Crusher related, I hope to help you better understand food waste garbage Processor Disposal Crusher.


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Product Description

Food Waste Garbage Processor Disposal Crusher:

The kitchen garbage disposer is a cleaning device that grinds and pulverizes food residues to powder or small particles by high-speed motor-driven grinding parts and is naturally discharged with water and sewer. It can effectively dispose of various food wastes in the kitchen, such as: Small pieces of pork bones, chicken bones, fish bones, egg shells, melon skin, fruit kernels, tea leaves, vegetable root leaves, coffee grounds, leftovers, residues, bread crumbs, etc., crushed and ground into a paste-like liquid, through The pipe is naturally discharged with water to achieve a clean environment and eliminate odors. It can reduce kitchen odor, reduce pest harassment and promote family health.





Home Use

Input Power



3/4 HP







Rated Rotary Speed



Permanent Magnetic DC motor

Grinding Capacity


Grinding System material

Stainless steel

Safety protection

Overcurrent & overload protection

optional sink connector


Sound-proof system

Double hollow structure


Air Swith

Number of users

6-9 People


2 years

standard life

8-10 years




410mm(H) x 220mm(W)

Things to be aware of when using the operation:

1. Before starting the machine, check whether the parts are flexible, intact, and free from collision noise. The fasteners are firm and reliable, and all parts of the electrical appliances can be used normally.

2, it is not allowed to put metal blocks, bottle caps, glass, ceramics, large pieces of hard bones, hard shells and other difficult things to deal with.

3. Always check for leakage or water leakage.

4. After each treatment, there may be piecemeal garbage in the garbage hopper, and the water will be washed away downwards. It is not allowed to use metal or hard rod to break into the garbage hopper.

5. After each treatment, if there are a small amount of vegetable ribs and residues left in the sieve circle, the next treatment will not be affected. When the amount of hard waste is large, the input should be dispersed. When dealing with vegetable garbage for a long time, it is better to mix it with Baker.

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