Food Waste Disposer Kitchen

Food Waste Disposer Kitchen handles most food waste such as small bones, chicken bones, fish heads, fish bones, egg shells, corn cob cores, peel cores, leafy stems, coffee grounds, nut shells, tea stems, Leftovers, etc.
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  • Food Waste Disposer Kitchen is an essential kitchen appliance for modern families. This 1.0 HP motor delivers quiet, powerful performance. Featuring a motor that rotates at 2600 RPM for effective grinding, It shreds food waste into small pieces less than 0.079 inches to pass through plumbing. Our waste disposal unit is made of high-quality ABS engineering plastics and applies a low noise motor whose noise value is below 50 decibels. This disposer is a great way to keep the smells of old garbage out of your garbage cans and kitchen.

Suoken specialized in producing Food Waste Disposer Kitchen, our company has always been in pursuit of the best cost performance and exceed customer expectations as our objective.