Food Waste Disposal Machine
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Food Waste Disposal Machine

Ningbo Suoken Electric Technoloty Co.,Ltd is committed to design, develop, produce and sell food waste disposers. The quality of Food Waste Disposal Machine is good that pass ISO9001:2008 international quality system certification and acquired CE, CB certificates.We have high-quality product development capability and technical reserve, sophisticated testing equipment, complete quality control system, advanced production line. The following is about Food Waste Disposal Machine related, I hope to help you better understand Food Waste Disposal Machine.


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Product Description

Food Waste Disposal Machine:             

One: special alloy hammer crushing technology, the crushing disc on the food waste disposer on the ordinary trash can uses the alloy hammer head, crushing the hammer, cutting, tearing and grinding four actions, the garbage can be according to the strength, Automatically adjust the working position. In addition to hard objects such as metal, stone, ceramics, glass, etc., non-kitchen garbage can also be disposed of.

Two: Grinding wheel, the grinding wheel adds two reinforcing ribs and one reinforcing belt, which improves the wear resistance of the grinding disc, and the unique function smashing, so that all the scraps have special grinding fineness, the user never worry about the pipeline blockage! After the two kinds of automatic garbage are roughly ground and finely ground through the filter hole, they are separated into fine waste mud flowing into the liquid inflow pipe, and the coarse waste will stop being crushed on the crushing plate to form a powder, and have a water inlet pipe. A job is more than ten seconds.

Third, low noise crushing discs. Alloy balance point, stable balance of performance, low motor noise and strong anti-vibration ability.

Fourth, set the motor overload protection overload protection system, there is a foreign object stuck, the protection system will start to stop the power supply, do not burn the motor, if the motor is in a protective state, you need to remove the hard object to fall off the garbage processor, and then press the front reset button It can be fast and convenient!

Fifth, the food waste disposer uses an air switch. Anti-leakage and improve safety performance.

Product parameters:




Home Use

Input Power



1/2 HP







Rated Rotary Speed



Permanent Magnetic DC motor

Grinding Capacity


Grinding System material

Stainless steel 304#

Safety protection

Overcurrent & overload protection

optional sink connector


Sound-proof system

Double hollow structure


Air Swith

Number of users

3-5 People


2 years

standard life

8-10 years




380mm(H) x 180mm(W)


Please use cold water throughout the journey

Avoid hot oil pouring directly to protect the kitchen sewer

Encourage mixing grinding

Frequently ground citrus fruit peels to keep fresh water pipes

Regularly grind a small amount of hard material, such as small bones, husks and ice, to flush the grinding chamber

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